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One way to promote an insurance company on the web (I mean life&health segment)

Once day after an ordinary conversation with a representative of a certain field of activity, I asked myself some questions.

If I was promoting insurance services on the web how would I be doing that?

First, let’s appreciate the philosophy of a web user.

As a basis I suggest that web user is used to a free content and trial versions. So you can offer him a free download or a product with the contract. In this article I am going to describe the algorithm of providing a free product.

The sale of an insurance service is one of the hardest sales. They say that if you can sell an insurance, you can sell anything.  To sell an insurance service, it is probably not enough to have only a single landing page with an extra advantage. You need to get the user involved into the area,  give him a presentation, establish communication, let the user think first and then sell. At least, I was sold an insurance in a similar way.

So, here is the algorithm:

1. Intrigue: offer the user a free insurance program for a some period. If the client orders this service online,  he becomes insured for a given time at the company’s expenses. Maybe for a year, half a year, a quarter or a month. You have to count risks, but let the specialists do it.

2. Involve: In the registration form some basic information fields should definitely be included. These points are: e-mail, phone number (you can also have them subscribed to your social media group during the effective period of the insurance)

3. Sell: after you have the basic information of the client, you begin communicating with him on all channels that he has subscribed to.

4. Improve: Communication activity must be directed towards selling an insurance to the client. If you do not understand how to do it, write me a comment and I will reply.

5. Develop: You create a personal account for each new user defining his personal referral link. You should develop a “personal account”, but today this is not a very hard task. Many companies have already had different partner programs and, I think, there are half-ready platforms available online.

What do you need to do before starting a promo?

Here the internet-marketing tree comes in action, but before that:

1. You should divide an audience into segments for sms and e-mail marketing in advance. Configure automated newsletter, prepare all necessary materials.

2. You should have online training program ready. This should include both help videos and schedule of webinars and online trainings. Thus, If you don’t have a broad chain of consultants like Eurolife, those online trainings would be very useful to promote your service by MLM-marketing.

3. The customer support should clearly understand that many and more people will follow free products. The burden on a support will grow by several times.

4. Lawyers should predict possible fraud cases and develop methods of dealing with them.

5. You should employ and train a social media manager, create a content-plan for the period ahead with calls to action.

6. You should describe and present a MLM-program. It should given away with a limited access, but not be fully closed. You understand why, I hope.

Also it is necessary to understand that competitors will be releasing similar products on the market, so you have to continuously improve the product, advertising channels, messages, keep growing leaves on your digital-marketing tree. Basically, that is what a marketing manager should be permanently doing.

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