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How to increase conversion of campaign

Before launching an advertising campaign on the web, you should clearly understand that what you need is not just advertisements and visits to your site, but conversion. Conversion is a very important element of your sales funnel, because it is directly proportional to sales (we are talking about an advertisement campaign, not the production of leads).

So, how to increase conversion?

I’ll describe the foundation that you can’t manage without. More exactly, I’ll show a clear and simple graph of a whole complex of tools, which should be part of an advertisement campaign and relate to each other.

Well, what makes up a high-converting campaign:
1. Which of your potential client’s problems does your offer solve?
2. A message (in two-five words) describing the problem’s solution.
3. Visualization of the message on an advertising banner.
4. Creation of groups of contextual announcements, sharing your message.
5. Creation of a landing page (!WARNING!) in the same style as the banner, with the same basic message and visualization. If you offer registration for users, then the registration form should be on the landing page, and shouldn't send the user to the main page.
6. It would be good to congratulate him on making the right choice after filling in the registration form and thank him that he chose your company.
7. Tune your campaign and goal with analytics to understand the registration channels, appraise their quality and remove the unprofitable ones.
8. Conduct testing of banners and announcements. With announcements it’s easy: the higher the CTR, the cheaper the link. With banners it’s a little more complicated – you have to pay the designer for every redesign.
9. Conduct A/B-testing of the page. Specifically: page elements effect the page’s conversion. You can appraise effectiveness after 300-500 visits. Although, if you have time, you can monitor it every day and hour if you want. With a map of clicks and visits you can easily tell strong and weak places of the landing page and optimize them.

Basically, that’s it. So, don’t forget, that the taste and quality of your contractors play a huge role, for example, in design and copyright.

Good luck with sales and higher conversion! If you want concrete examples, ask questions in the comments. I’ll try to answer)

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